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Fuller Theological Seminary's Public Affairs Office acts as a liaison between the seminary and public. The department is in charge of community relations and news media. It is also responsible for producing and editing Fuller News and Fuller in the Media.

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Interview requests and queries are welcome from members of the media. Our faculty are able to provide expert commentary on a wide variety of topics.

Press representatives are available to help members of the news media find faculty experts and other information about Fuller Seminary. Journalists can also email the Public Affairs office at or contact us through Twitter at @FullerSeminary.

Media Relations

Britt Vaughan, Media and Public Relations Specialist
Tel: 626-584-5371

For Faculty and Staff

Public Affairs will work with individual faculty, schools, and institutes to help publicize events, research, accomplishments, expertise, and/or mission.

This office will formulate and distribute press releases available to the media and general public. It also provides news coverage of events, which includes articles, and photographs, that are posted to the website, as well as Fuller social media channels.

If you have been contacted by a reporter, please contact Irene Neller at 626-584-6017.

Filming and Photographing on Campus

Filming Guidelines

As per Fuller's Human Resources Policy Manual, alll requests for information about filming or photographing on Fuller's campus must be submitted to the Public Affairs Office.

We will require a faxed or mailed one-page proposal on letterhead (if applicable), detailing the name and nature of the requesting group/individual; nature of the finished product; an agreement to supply a copy of the film script; names or addresses of desired buildings or outdoor scenes; dates and hours needed for shooting; number of crew and talent involved; budgeted amount for shooting; security arrangements; parking needs; identification of any Fuller-owned equipment and/or, if known, Fuller personnel to be involved; proof of general liability insurance and statement as to the amount of coverage, and proof of worker's compensation insurance coverage.

Criteria for decision-making:
a. The requesting group, the intended finished product, and its use are consistent with the morals, ethics and values of the seminary.
b. The dates and times of the shooting, and the number of crew and talent involved, do not conflict with the primary educational purpose of the campus.
c. The operation of seminary offices will not be unduly disrupted.
d. The likelihood of any damage to seminary buildings and grounds (interior and exterior of buildings and landscaping) is minimal.
e. Utilization of seminary utilities as a power source will not be unduly burdensome or costly.
f. The requesting group has or is willing to obtain the required insurance coverage.
g. The amount of money budgeted to pay the seminary for the shoot is significant-generally in the $5,000-per-day-range.
4. Exceptions are few, but include:
a. Request with high political, community, or media relations value
b. Request with high internal value or significance.
5. Other issues: These guidelines do not impact personal or wedding photography. (They also do not apply to ATC video and audio taping at the request of a Fuller department/school.)

Approval is contingent upon receipt, at least 48 hours prior to commencement of filming, of a certificate of insurance naming the seminary as an additional insured on the requesting party's general liability policy in an amount specified by the vice president for finance. Other conditions as deemed appropriate by the vice president for finance may also be established.

The Public Affairs office will be responsible for coordinating all of the details for approved filming with Auxiliary Services, Buildings and Grounds,
Parking and Security, ATC, other offices, and the campus community as appropriate.

President Mark Labberton

For biographical information about President Mark Labberton, please visit the President's website.

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